How to Avoid the Great Resignation at Your Company
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How to Avoid the Great Resignation at Your Company


How to Avoid the Great Resignation at Your Company

Posted-on March 2022

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Last year we saw a mass exodus of employees from companies all over the country. In November alone, 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs. Why did so many workers leave their places of employment? Here, we’re exploring this and how to prevent the Great Resignation at your company.

What is the Great Resignation?

The Great Resignation is a term used to describe the large number of Americans who decided to quit their jobs in 2021. 

There are several reasons for this event. First, the COVID-19 pandemic led people all over the country to reconsider their priorities and how their time was being spent. The fact that tomorrow is not guaranteed inspired millions to find more meaningful ways to spend their time and to earn money.

Second, there are more open positions than there are potential employees. This means that employees have lots of options for work to choose from, and if one company’s offer isn’t good enough, they can find another that is.

How to Prevent the Great Resignation at Your Company

The Great Resignation has forced employers to reassess the value they bring to their employees. Here are some ways to improve retention at your company. 

1. Accommodate Employees’ Changing Needs

The pandemic has forced employees’ needs to change and their priorities to shift. As an employer who wants to keep their workers, accommodating those needs is a must.

For many employees, that means offering flexible working hours and the option to work remotely at least part of the time. Consider how much time your employees spend sitting in traffic just to get to work by 9 am. Could you shift their start and finish times so they aren’t waiting in traffic? Even better, can you give them the option to work from home? These changes can make a huge difference in your employees’ satisfaction at work.

2. Increase Workplace Wellbeing

Do you have employees feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and burnt out? The culture of your company has a big role to play here. By creating a more supportive, caring, and people-first environment, your workers can feel understood and valued. 

Some ways to make your workplace more supportive are by increasing your positive feedback to employees, taking time to genuinely ask how they are doing, providing resources to aid in their wellbeing such as fitness memberships and counselling, and planning team-building events.

3. Offer Opportunities for Growth

Promotions within your company are an excellent way to show your existing employees how much you value their efforts and expertise. Promoting from within is great for company morale and for new employees who enter your workplace to see. 74 percent of Millennial workers, in particular, say the potential for growth is a major factor in how long they stay at a company. Finding ways to provide paths to that growth for your employees can increase your retention.

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